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Introduction to OpenSCL

Developed over ten years and used at more than 20 sites worldwide, OpenSCL offers a simple, non-disruptive solution for VME migration. OpenSCL simulates the functioning of the VME mainframe. Typically, the physical porting of the environment, data and applications occurs over a weekend such that end-users who come in on a Monday are oblivious to the fact that the mainframe backend has been replaced by a Windows or UNIX server.

Your investment in SCL is protected - the aim of OpenSCL is to allow the use of existing SCL across platforms with no manual conversion effort whatsoever.

Production and development workloads can be split across platforms:

  • Production can run, e.g. on Windows Server or AIX
  • Development can run, e.g. Windows
  • The processing power of ALL computers on the network can be utilized
  • The freedom to choose the best platform
  • “Specialist” staff per operating system are no longer an issue - management cannot therefore be “held to ransom”

  • OpenSCL Downloads:

  • The advantages of OpenSCL
  • OpenSCL White Paper
  • Detailed technical presentation of OpenSCL

  • OpenSCL Case Studies Downloads:

  • CRIREP Case Study
  • Old Mutual Zimbabwe Case Study
  • Tshwane Municipality Case Study
  • Please also see Case Study page for summaries of case studies.